Creative Captures Corporate Interview Real-Estate Virtual Tour Aerial Portfolio

Creative Captures Corporate Interview Real-Estate Virtual Tour Aerial Portfolio

Photography | Videography | Drone | Editing | Design

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Corporate Photography Videography Drone Headshots

Need head shots or corporate shoots?

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Photography, Videography, & Drone for one great price!

Professional Captivating Quality Intriguing Complete Interviews

Professional Interviews!

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Photography, Videography, & Drone for one great price!

Real-Estate Photography Videography Drone Virtual Tours

Sell Your Home Faster with Photos, Video, Aerial & Tours!

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Get HDR Photos, a FHD or 4K Video, Aerial Drone Photos & Video, & a Matterport Virtual Tour!

Aerial Photography Videography

Sell Your Home Faster with Photos, Video, Aerial & Tours!

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Photography, Videography, & Drone for one great price!

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Offering Services in Ottawa & Surrounding Areas
Photo | Video | Drone | Editing | Graphic/Web Design

Call/Text: (613) 879-5197

Email: [email protected]

Photo & Video Services

One flat rate for any combination of the following
  • Photography Services
  • Videography Services
  • Drone Services
  • Virtual Tours
  • Audio Recording
  • Photo/Art Digitization

Photo & Video Editing

One flat rate quoted prior to starting

  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Animations & Effects
  • Titles & Transitions
  • Touch-ups & Grading
  • Graphic & Web Design

Our about

Who am I?

My name is Ian Holmes, I am a 20 year-old photographer, videographer, drone pilot, photo and video editor as well as graphic designer living in Nepean, Ontario.

I have over 5 years of experience and I will be able to add a zero to that number in 45 years, yes, I am dedicated to my craft. Creating is my passion, my occupation and my life and this is why I guarantee professional services every shoot.

Frequently asked questions

So you’re ready to schedule a shoot? Great! All you have to do is get in touch via my contact information below and we can set up a time and date!

I have been a photographer and videographer for a little over 4 years now. I am extremely passionate about creating and put my all into every project. I plan to pursue a lifelong career in photo and video related fields and continue to grow my skills doing what I love!

Yes. My goal is to not only offer lots of professional services, it is also to break the idea that you have to have a specific niche to be successful. If you need a photographer, videographer, editor or designer, I am here to help!

The short answer; as soon as I can get home and upload the content straight from my memory card. The long answer; I can get the raw footage to my clients the day of the shoot in most cases. As for editing times, it all depends on how much photos/videos there is and the requested editing so it varies a lot. I will however always give my clients an estimate prior to starting any editing and rush projects can be accommodated!

Yes, I love traveling and exploring so I am always happy to travel to shoots! I do however charge for transportation to locations over 1 hour from Ottawa at a rate of $25 an hour.

I have a couple options for sending the deliveries to clients:

1 (Most common & preferred): I send through a google drive folder containing the finished project for you to download. I keep the files in my drive and available for 2 months before I remove them after reminding you.

2 (If requested): I can provide the client with a usb thumb drive or hard drive containing the delivery. *thumb drives and hard drives must be returned and will be lent with a small payment that is refunded on return.*

I accept the following payment methods and always send invoices/receipts to clients for shoots:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • E-transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card (3% Fee)

To begin, I can deliver photos and videos up to the following qualities:


  • 24MP


  • 4k at up to 60P
  • 1080p at up to 240p

As for the format, I can use any file format requested by the client. The most common ones include:


  • Raw
  • PNG
  • JPG


  • MP4
  • QuickTime

Currently my gear is as follows:


  • Sony a7iii 
  • Sony a6500
  • DJI Osmo Pocket
  • Tamron 28-75 F2.8
  • Tamron 17-28 F2.8
  • Sony 50 F1.8


  • DJI Mavic Air


  • Rode VideoMicro
  • Blue Snowball
  • Clip-on Microphones x3
  • Wireless Microphones  x2
  • Shotgun Microphones


  • Lights with stands and soft boxes x3
  • Led video lights x8
  • Wireless Flash x2


  • DJI Ronin SC
  • Glidecam
  • DJI Osmo Mobile


  • 4x tripod
  • Fluid video heads
  • Motorized sliders